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Survey Results

A few weeks ago I sent out a link to a survey to see who you are and what your concerns are in terms of getting yourself out the door and onto nature trips. Curious what I found? Here are some insights (and it’s not to late to take the survey, just click on the button below):

Your major issues with nature travel: Airlines, airports, getting around and other logistics like locking keys in a car on a camping trip (I’ve done that too). And I’m not surprised that the most difficult parts of nature travel actually don’t have anything to do with nature!

You nature travelers are not a young bunch: 80% of you are over 40 years old. 53% of you are over 60 years old. Nearly 30% of you are still out there traveling over age 70.

Time and money: Almost all of you are concerned about wasting time and money while planning a trip and while you are on the road. Guess what?! This is actually something I can help you with. In most cases, it costs less and saves time to hire someone to plan an itinerary for you rather than ‘winging it’. Contact me if you want to give it a try.

Wildlife and culture are tied for first: Yep, the top categories you gave as the reasons you travel are wildlife/bird watching and cultural experiences.

All in all, some things I expected and others were a bit of a surprise. Now, if we could only get the airlines to cooperate better!

Terry Lawson Dunn

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