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Why be part of

Talk about high-quality leads. It can’t get any higher than this! By the time someone finds your business through EcoTripMatch, they are already great matches for what you offer. It eliminates the guesswork for everyone. Wouldn’t you love to fill up your place or tour with people who support what you’re doing and consider it their dream experience?

What are the other advantages?

1.It’s easy to sign up. Fill out an online form which helps the matching system work, give us a brief description, and upload a photo that will be seen by users. Or let us take a stab at all that (gleaned from your website) and then approve what we’ve done before it goes ‘live’.

2. Interested people will contact you directly through EcoTripMatch so you can still answer all their questions, customize a trip just for them, and make any deal you want.

How much does all this great stuff cost?

Here’s another advantage… you get to pick the price plan that suits you. You can pay nothing until you get a booking or you can pay an annual fee and forget about it, or a blend of both. It’s all very reasonable, so don’t worry.

How does my company get on EcoTripMatch?

We all know that sometimes the word ‘eco’ is used only for marketing when, in fact, there are no sincere eco-efforts to back up that claim. That’s why each company interested in being on EcoTripMatch is first asked about their practices before they can sign-up. We also know that nothing is perfect, so not all environmentally-friendly solutions can be used everywhere. Please contact us and let us know what you doing.

If you are an ecolodge, eco-hotel, eco-resort or eco-tour company and are interested in joining, please contact us.

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