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Why should I use EcoTripMatch?

It saves you hours of time by not having to scour the Internet for the perfect eco-friendly destination.

It increases your chances of finding a place that meets your expectations.

You can get discounts by contacting your favorite places through EcoTripMatch.

What kind of destinations will I find?

One thing that all of the places have in common, is a sincere desire to do all they can to conserve resources and to protect nature. Beyond that, there’s a huge variety. If you want a luxury experience, you can find that. Or if you really want to get away, you can find places that take two days of hiking or a dugout canoe to get to. You can even find urban, eco-friendly hotels. EcoTripMatch also helps you narrow down the search for places that specialize in the activities and tours you most interested in, so once you get there, you can have the experiences you will treasure.

Does it cost anything?

It doesn’t cost you a thing. If you decide to book, let the eco-lodge or eco-tour company know how you found them, and they will cut you a deal. (use the promo code ECOTRIP). If you go to one of these stupendous places, and want to find an entirely different stupendous place next time, come back and use EcoTripMatch again. The idea here is to encourage ecotourism.

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