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Where To?


If you have spent a lot of time lately, thinking about where you want to travel especially as you’ve watched the months pass by within the four walls of your house, you are not alone in wanting to make up for lost time. But, now you are faced with a travel ‘bucket list’ that grew exponentially and family and friends you need to see as well. What to do?

By all means, start with the family and friends. Then, branch out.

Identify your travel personality: How do you want to balance relaxation and exploration? What climate is in your comfort zone? Do you want to travel in a group, solo, or with your own posey? How’s your stamina? Do you like travel planning or just signing up for something that’s already planned out for you? What is your budget? All of these questions will help you zero in on where you want to go. (And you might try the Travel Style Quiz on for ideas as well).

Prioritize your wishlist: This is actually a good way to make travel dreams happen. Think about prioritizing your wishlist by the level of physical effort it takes to do these trips. First on the list should be the long haul trips, the ones that involve more physical challenges, the ones that are more remote. If you are in good health now, or are in the pre-parenting stage of life (or may be taking care of your parents in the near future), do the harder trips before life gets more complicated. Next, move on to the less taxing trips, perhaps the ones that are not as remote, or involve more sitting. And finally, consider the least taxing trips. These might be the domestic ones, or even the long weekend trips you’ve been wanting to do.

Be flexible: Now that you’ve prioritized the list, be ready to deviate from the list. Sometimes an opportunity finds you and it makes sense to go for it! Perhaps a destination in the middle of your list is a short hop away from where you were going on a business trip or friends ask you to join them on trip somewhere you’ve never heard of. Be open and flexible. Life might surprise you.

Contact the accommodations or tour companies with questions: One thing I noticed with the more specialized category of ecotourism, is that the relationship between the ecolodge/ecotour company and the traveler often starts before the traveler shows up. Ecotourism providers are frequently small operations, they are mission-driven, and happy to answer questions and customize experiences. I did not want to get in the way of that relationship-building process, so it’s not a booking site on purpose. The website simply takes the world of ecotourism possibilities, narrows them down to the genuine eco-friendly operations, and makes it easy for you to contact them directly to get personalized answers and attention.

Terry Lawson Dunn, Founder


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