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By this time of year, you are probably plotting your escape. The holidays are coming, you might be getting cold, and ‘travel more’ is probably a top contender for your New Year’s resolution list. Maybe, just maybe, you are a little burned out?

Under the best of circumstances, a vacation should help revive you. But, we’ve all experienced those rushed trips that don’t really leave you feeling relaxed. The good news is, there are a lot of ecolodges and eco-tours around the world that have wellness programs and activities (yoga, meditation, spa services, retreats). Even if you over-schedule yourself on a wellness vacation, there’s that wonderful aspect of ecotourism that makes you feel good knowing that you have helped environmental conservation and the community that you visited. That should make you feel good!

On there are over twenty ecolodges and eco-tours that offer wellness activities.

Terry Lawson Dunn

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