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Interview with Noeleen Tyrrell, Founder and Director of Ard Nahoo Eco Retreat, Ireland

So far in this interview series, we’ve spanned the globe from Cambodia to Bhutan to the Ecuadorian Amazon. Now for something different– Ireland — and a different model of ecotourism, one that specializes in yoga and revitalization. From the roof to the floors, each eco-cabin at Ard Nahoo was built using sustainable materials and sustainable principals. So for those of you who think ecotourism is about roughing it, this one’s for you!

What was the inspiration behind Ard Nahoo Eco Retreat?

I had lived in San Francisco for a couple of years before returning to Ireland.  I began my yoga path and body work training while there and came home fully inspired to share the progressive and earth friendly lifestyle that was the norm in San Francisco.  I am passionate about yoga, natural health and the environment so Ard Nahoo was the obvious next step for me when I moved to Leitrim, Ireland.

What do you hope to accomplish by taking the extra steps to make Ard Nahoo eco-friendly?

We have received the EU Flower award for the past 10 years and were the first accredited eco/sustainable business in Ireland.

What do you offer visitors that is unique?

We offer a beautiful home away from home where natural products and simplicity is the key.  Our yoga training and retreats are world class and we have a very warm welcome for all.

What are the challenges you have faced?

Getting people here – marketing is always an issue with a limited budget and that combined with very poor public transport can be challenging.

Anything else you would like to mention?

We are open to everyone, families, single travelers and groups.

You can find more about Art Nahoo and the range of activities/services they offer here:

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