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Glamping is the New Camping

Remember that feeling when you were a kid and you built a fort out of pillows or blankets and then crawled inside? It was always strangely exhilerating. Camping can give you that same feeling, but sometimes there are barriers that keep us from going for it. Does your list of camping pros and cons look like this:


Close to nature

Far from the maddening crowd

Better animal interactions


Sleeping on the hard ground

Pitching a tent (those darn poles)

Packing and cooking food

Forgetting critical items like matches

Rain, heat, cold, bugs

Wishing you could take a bath

Well, if your list of cons looks like that, you no longer need to take the bad with the good! The perfect solution for you might be glamping. The term comes from the merging of the words ‘glamour’ and ‘camping’. Glamping gives you all the great stuff about camping AND all the great stuff about staying in a more conventional room.

With glamping, nature is just on the other side of a piece of canvas, but you are safely tucked into a real bed, with real furniture, a real floor, indoor plumbing, (maybe even an elegant, claw foot tub), and sometimes a heater or air conditioning to keep you cozy. You’ll be treated to wonderful meals and often guided wildlife excursions are included. Like I said, glamping makes the cons turn into pros.

There are currently 12 glamping ecolodges on EcoTripMatch in eight different countries and in every hemisphere.

Terry Lawson Dunn

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