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Now THIS I’m excited about! I added a new feature to that I hope will grow into a global online community of people that helps each other with questions and answers having to do with nature travel.

“Open Space” is the new community forum on where travelers can ask questions of other travelers and ecotourism providers. You may have seen general travel forums. This one is specifically for nature travelers (because you need to know more than whether to get a taxi or an Uber from the airport!).

Have you ever wondered things like: What is the best time of year to go to the Amazon to see wildlife? Where’s the best place to see wild elephants and how do I get there? Does anyone have any recommendations for camera gear to take hiking in Nepal? Is it safe to go to Zimbabwe to see Victoria Falls? Does anyone know a great nature tour guide in Tanzania? Those are the types of questions nature travelers have and ones that can be answered by local knowledge.

Take a look at the link below to see this new feature. I hope, as always, that this helps travelers and supports conservation through ecotourism. I look forward to growing this online community and I do hope it’s a game changer for you!

Terry Lawson Dunn

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