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Are you a closet ecotourist?

You may have some assumptions about what an ecotourist is… unshaven, vegetarian, war- torn backpack… you know, someone who would turn down a perfectly good hammock to sleep on the ground. But, ecotourists come in all shapes and sizes (and ages, and motivations, and levels of grooming). You may be one and don’t even know it yet. Here are some clues you might be a closet ecotourist:

It makes you feel virtuous when you don’t have your hotel wash your towel each day.

Your travel ‘bucket list’ gets longer the more you travel.

You practically have to wipe the drool off your chin when you see photos of beautiful places you’ve never been.

You know what the International recycling symbol looks like.

You stop and smell the roses (and wonder what kind of rose it is).

It bothers you that Mother Nature seems to be rebelling and given a fun, easy way to lend her a hand, you would.

So, are you an ecotourist at heart? Ready to explore? Here’s that fun, easy way to make a difference:

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