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Peru: Land of Diversity

Don’t be shocked. There are people who go to Peru for a couple weeks and never make it to Machu Picchu (ah….yeah, I’m one of them). While Peru is known for that remarkable spot in the mountains, there is so much more to explore outdoors in Peru. From the Andes to the Amazon and the sand dunes near Lima, Peru is an astoundingly diverse place with so much to offer. Whether you are looking for something fast and exhilarating or slow and deliberate, there is something for you. Check out these 5 ideas for something to do in Peru, other than Machu Picchu.

Hiking in the Peruvian Cloud Forest

Perfect for those wanting a taste of the cloud forest in the hills of Peru! This ‘lite’ hike, on forest trails will introduce you to birds, orchids and other plants of the area near Oxapampa, Peru. Your skilled, bilingual guide, will point out the flora and fauna of this special place and interpret how water is collected and produced by this forest. Be sure to bring your curiosity!

Hiking in the Peruvian Cloud Forest, PERU

Sandboarding in Lima

Yes, you read that right. Sandboarding (and sledding and skiing on sand….it’s a real thing!) This is a half day, active tour to one of the most beautiful deserts near Lima. After you are picked up, you’ll cross the desert in a 4×4 vehicle, going off-road at times, before reaching the sandboarding instruction spot.

If you don’t have any previous experience, you have no reason to worry. Instructors will teach you from scratch. Or, if you have some snowboarding experience, instructors will help you improve your riding so you can nail the challenge of sandboarding the biggest dunes of Lima. On the way back you’ll enjoy a local sweet treat.And this tour supports events and environmental education for local kids!

Sandboard and Off Road in Lima, PERU

National Park Trek (Yanachaga Chemillen/San Alberto zone)

Immerse yourself in the Peruvian cloud forest, by trekking through the Yanachaga National Park with an experienced guide who will show you the finer features of this biologically-rich region. This tour is perfect for people who like to move, but also like to learn about their surroundings.

National Park Trek (Yanachaga Chemillen/ San Alberto zone), PERU

Birdwatching in the Peruvian Cloud Forests

Between the mist and the dense, green cover of the Andean mountains, the cloud forests are alive with the sounds of birds. This one-day, guided birdwatching experience will allow you to see some of the 170 species of birds in the Yanachaga Chemillen National Park area and on nearby private lands. Along the way, you’ll also enjoy some of the other flora and fauna that makes up this biologically-rich region.

Bird Watching in the Peruvian Amazon, PERU

Giant Otter and Macaw Tour

Do you have a little more time? How about 4 days of comfortably exploring the Peruvian Amazon, looking for giant river otters and macaws, while staying at an ecolodge inside Tambopata National Reserve? That’s not all you’ll see. This area is one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet. World records have been set here for the number of bird, butterfly and dragonfly species…right in the rainforest surrounding the lodge!

Explorer’s Inn, Peru

Terry Lawson Dunn

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